Holiday on A Budget

December is a busy month for us.  We live so close to one another that I see each member of my family at least once a week.  Our family is a prime example of a Louisiana family.  Yes, people really do get family together like the Duck Dynasty folks every week (often more!) to eat and just be a family.  Having a large family is awesome but holidays are super intense.

My mom is currently running around, throwing different recipes together in hopes of coming up with the perfect Christmas menu.  The menu theme (sounds strange but yes, we have themes lol) for this year is Breakfast Foods, so every Sunday since September she’s concocted some newfangled mix of pancakes, biscuits, french toast, bacon, etc.  I’m not complaining, its delicious; but

My grandmother is cleaning and reorganizing everything in sight.  Oh yes, I mean EVERYTHING.  I walked into the kitchen last week to find her attempting to label the silver ware slots in the dishwasher.  It was intense.

imageSo what are my holiday duties? Ha, during holiday season I am The Crafter.  Dun Dun Dunnnnn.  No seriously though, any time anyone needs anything made, wrapped, fancy-fied, etc I’m the girl for the job.  Party favors, cards, Christmas crafts with the kids, crocheting a table runner, making/creating gifts for everyone’s work friends, attempting to stitch Jean-Luc’s first Christmas Stocking all while carrying around a baby that has decided he wants to be held ALL DAY and keeping up with work is an accurate description of my life these past few weeks.

Its a sweet gig.  I enjoy making my family smile and I think the best gift is a hand-made gift.  So what’s my latest DIY Christmas craft?!? fancy wrapping on a budget!

What I used:

  • Brown Packing Paper (found at our local dollar store)
  • Twine in Green & Brown ( also found at the dollar store)
  • Stamps & Black Ink Pad
  • Paint Swatches

I’ve used the same stamps for years (since my sorority crafting days actually!).  The lettering stamps used for this project are clear clings and as for the brand: I have no clue.  I have also used the same stamp pad for almost two years now and the ink is fantastic!  I use Stazon solvent ink pad in Black.  You can use it on all sorts of surfaces and is highly pigmented.  These items were originally purchased to do some snazzy scrap-booking but I have found countless uses since.  Its wonderful!

I lucked out with the paint swatches as well.  My aunt found these cutesy paint swatches at Sherwin Williams and my first thought when seeing them was “GIFT TAGS”, haha!

This project was super easy and not time consuming at all.  Once the supplies were gathered, wrapping was a breeze.  After I wrapped one gift per child, I set them up for display on top of a shelf in the living room.  The kids loved seeing their names all fancy on their gifts; really got them into the Christmas spirit!