I think I made felt.

Today I accidentally turned a beautiful crochet blanket into something that can only be described as giant felt.

I was helping a friend of mine to gather baby items to bring to Goodwill and I confiscated a beautiful yellow crocheted car-seat blanket out of her stash.  The only “defect” it possessed was that the boarder had begun to unravel.  An instant need to up-cycle this blanket came over me.

So I quickly formulated a plan:  rip the border, add a blue single crochet around, then rope stitch either a darker blue/green/ or brown to give this old blanket a new feel.  I even had a person in mind to give this creation to.

Sounds like the easiest project ever, right? Wrong.

I figured it needed a good wash so not thinking at all, I threw it into our new machine for what I thought was “Quick Wash”.  No.  Side note on this washer: it’s digital and technically (if I ever figure it out) we can control it with our phones.  It’s high tech, and I struggle with multiplication.  Therefore, most of the time, I have no idea what I’m doing.

When removing the load from the washer, I realized not only was the washer set to super hot but I washed the blanket with Jean-Luc’s clothes.  So I shrunk the blanket along with a few of Luc’s outfits.  So bummed.

Mom convinced me to stitch a border anyway and we found a use for it.  The cats are now enjoying it in the garage.

Sorry Baby Gabe, but at least now you have more of Luc’s practically new outfits to wear.